VNM ETF invests in BCG and other seven stocks


March 12, 2022

This morning, Vietnam time, MVIS announced the results of the quarterly review for the MVIS Vietnam Index which comprises a diversified group of many of the largest and most liquid companies in the investable universe.

According to the first review, MVIS Vietnam Index added eight stocks including CEO, HUT, DXG, BCG, HDG, ORS, VIX and PVD whereas no stock was disinvested from the portfolio.

The total number of stocks in the portfolio increased to 58, of which Vietnamese’s accounted for 44 stocks.
After this review, the proportion of Vietnamese stocks in the portfolio of MVIS Vietnam Index is expected to increase to 83.43%, a sharp increase of 4.86% compared to the previous period (78.57% in the fourth quarter of 2021) and an increase of 3.52% compared to that on March 10. Therefore, it is forecasted that VNM ETF will purchase an additional 3.52% Vietnamese stock.

On March 10, VNM ETF's assets stood at $529.1 million. It is expected that the fund will buy 1.2 million to 3.4 million USD of eight new stocks. The fund also plans to buy more VJC, STB, VIC, HPG, etc. In contrast, VNM ETF can disinvest VNM, MSN, VHM, etc.

A week earlier, on March 4, FTSE Russell announced a new portfolio according to FTSE Vietnam Index, notably DPM, VCG and VND were added. Both VNM ETF and FTSE ETF is expected to complete the portfolio restructuring by March 18.

According to Vietstock.