AAA Insurance diversifies distribution channels through Eximbank partnership


AAA Insurance, a Bamboo Capital Group subsidiary, has signed a collaboration agreement with Eximbank to expand its distribution channels through the latter’s nationwide branch system.

The deal marked an important milestone in the insurer’s expansion journey following a series of signing ceremonies during the first quarters of the year since its merger into Bamboo Capital, one of Vietnam's top multi-sector corportations, late last year.

AAA Insurance and Eximbank signed a cooperation agreement n May 19, 2022. Photo courtesy of the insurer.

The relationship was inked in the spirit of putting customers' interests first, addressing and satisfying their demands efficiently and quickly.

Eximbank will become the distribution partner for AAA's non-life insurance products. The duo will jointly research and develop new products based on client preferences, providing optimal, comprehensive and safe solutions.

AAA also receives entrance to the creditor's network of over 200 branches and transaction offices. Customers will be able to access all-inclusive insurance products and services that satisfy high-quality standards. With customer database management using digital technology, the insurer is committed to offering the greatest client experiences.

AAA will receive entrance to Eximbank's network of over 200 branches and transaction offices. Photo courtesy of the insurer.

AAA Insurance has taken substantial and drastic steps to reassert its position in the non-life insurance market by partnerships with top local and international firms in the first quarter of 2022.

The insurer’ strategy focuses on innovative product research and development, branch network and distribution channel expansion, investing in technology and digital transition to quickly expand its coverage nationwide.

"We believe that the bancassurance model between AAA Insurance and Eximbank will provide comprehensive solutions, satisfying client demands," an AAA representative said.

AAA's internal strength is being boosted by the "recruiting talent" regime, promising to offer outstanding and long-term benefits to the duo in the future.

With a team of experienced professionals and a future digital transformation system, AAA Insurance said it is devoted to becoming a reliable and outstanding unit in the field of non-life insurance for consumers and businesses.

AAA Insurance was founded as a non-life insurance company in 2005. Over 17 years of operation, the company currently has 51 branches and 100 transaction offices across Vietnam.

In December 2021, the insurer became an official member of Bamboo Capital Group (BCG), a multi-sector corporation with over 30 subsidiaries and affiliates. The move represents a significant advancement in AAA Insurance's future development and direction.

Eximbank is known as one of the first joint-stock commercial banks in Vietnam. With 33 years of banking expertise, the lender has developed a nationwide network with 207 branches and transaction offices, as well as correspondent banking relationships with 869 banks in 84 countries across the world.